Alternative of Sportzfy

Sportzify is a free lifestyle app that allows users to easily register for various sports activities in their city. The app offers a variety of events, including badminton, cricket, football, table tennis, tennis, jogging, and marathons. Users can easily browse and join up for events, select their preferred activity, and pay using various payment options. However, it requires a high-performance mobile device system to function properly. Despite its features, such as live streaming, Yacine TV needs a major overhaul, as ads can obscure the screen and channels may not always play properly despite a strong internet connection. Overall, Sportzify is a must-have for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Live Football TV HD APK

Live Football TV HD is a free sports app from Luna lnc that offers high-quality streaming of various football leagues and major events. It provides real-time updates and allows users to enable notifications for upcoming matches. The app has a user-friendly interface and no additional packages or memberships are required. However, it frequently freezes and has numerous ads that can obstruct viewing. The app is a decent choice for fans of high-quality streams and convenient layouts, but it needs work to address bugs, pop-ups, and freezing issues. Once these issues are addressed, Live Football TV HD has the potential to become a top choice.

Live Cricket TV HD Streaming APK

Live Cricket TV HD Streaming is a free sports app from Totield that offers live video feeds for various international and domestic cricket leagues and series. It provides up-to-date match statistics and odds, similar to Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores News.

Number of ads that can obstruct your viewing experience, with many of them being difficult to close.

Yacine TV APK for Android

Yacine TV is a free livestream app that offers various sports and news channels for free. It features a navigation panel with four tabs: “Recent,” “Category,” “Favourite,” and “Settings.” However, the app has major issues, including channel names and descriptions being in Arabic or French, excessive ads, and server connection issues. The app is not the best choice for live streaming, and while the interface is easy to understand, ads can obscure the screen and redirect users. The channels offered may not always play properly despite strong internet connection.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV is a free lifestyle app from Sports Masala that offers live streaming of sports events in real time. It offers channels for cricket and football, match schedules, and live match scores. The app’s interface is simple and easy to navigate, with categories and countries for streaming. However, it has several issues, including frequent stream freezes and obstructive ads. Users can relaunch the app to troubleshoot these issues, and the app’s frequency of pop-ups can cut into the time spent watching matches. Despite these issues, Live Net TV is a promising sports streaming app that offers high-quality video feedback at no cost.

CNF Sports for Android

CNF Sports is a free lifestyle app that offers live football matches, score updates, and team lineups. It covers various football leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga, and major competitions like the World Cup. The user-friendly design makes browsing the app easy, and users can watch games in high definition. The app also provides game stats, team details, match results, lineups, and commentary. Users can set alerts for the latest football news. However, the app has a large number of obstructive ads that can be annoying. Despite the ads, CNF Sports is a great tool for any football fan, providing live updates and detailed game stats.

BingSport for Android

 BingSport is a free Android app by QRBOOK that provides essential information for football fans. It offers news, scores, standings, and personal notifications, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. BingSport is designed to keep users updated on important football events and provide a comprehensive view of their favorite teams.

Burma TV APK Android

Burma TV is a free sports streaming app designed for Burmese sports fans, offering live broadcasts of their favorite teams’ matches. The app covers major tournaments and competitions worldwide, including football, cricket, and basketball. Burma TV’s minimalist interface design allows easy navigation and reduces eyestrain. The app features an extensive catalog of popular sports programs, including soccer, rugby, cricket, and basketball. The app is intended for Burmese sports enthusiasts with limited access to online sports TV content. However, the app can be unreliable due to its live broadcasts sourced from the internet and advertisements. Burma TV is a decent option for Burmese sports enthusiasts, offering live broadcasts of major tournaments and leagues not accessible on local stations.

Live Sports Plus HD APK For Android

Live Sports Plus HD is a free sports app that offers live video feeds of various sporting events, including cricket, football, and basketball. It covers various leagues worldwide and includes up-to-date match information, commentary, and sports-related news. The app offers a user-friendly layout and high-quality games, allowing users to stay updated on significant events. The app covers various sports and events, including the Premier League, UEFA European Championship, Hockey World Cup, Hockey Champions Trophy, FIFA Hockey World League, Australian Open, Wimbledon Championships, US Open Tennis Championships, Olympic Games, and Asian Games. However, some live streams may redirect to a blank screen, even when connected to a stable internet network. The app needs polishing, but it remains a useful tool for sports fans worldwide. While some streams may show a blank screen, the app offers breaking sports news and game updates.

PSL 4 Live TV 2019 APK for Adroid

PSL Live TV Streaming 2019 is a free cricket streaming app developed by Black Cherry that offers live matches from various countries, including cricket, soccer, and hockey. The app provides real-time scores and tables as matches air, and supports teams from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. However, it lacks other features and is ad-supported. The app is decent enough for watching cricket matches, but may not be suitable for more interactive users. The app offers high-definition video streaming and a wide catalog of channels, but may not be suitable for those seeking more interactive options.

Indian LIVE TV 24×7 APK for Android

Indian LIVE TV 24×7 is a free lifestyle app from mA dEveloper that offers live streams of various Indian TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment. It focuses on live video feeds and does not allow pause or playback, unlike streaming apps like Netflix. The app offers a range of channels and categories, with high-quality resolution and full-screen playback. It also organizes channels into sections and offers a search function. However, the app has issues like excessive ads, which can cause the screen to freeze, and frequent pop-up ads. Despite these issues, Indian LIVE TV 24×7 is a great option for watching favorite shows or breaking news on the go.

HesGoal-Live Football TV HD APK

HesGoal -Live Football TV HD is a free app that offers live football matches in various tournaments, including the Bundesliga and La Liga. It provides live scores, updates, and news about soccer games worldwide. The app is user-friendly and offers multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. It is suitable for streaming live events without cable subscriptions and requires a stable internet connection. Popular matches include Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Copa del Rey Cup, FA Cup, and UEFA Europa League. The app also showcases a wide range of football leagues, but requires a stable internet connection for uninterrupted streaming.

HD Movies Online APK For Android 

HD Movies Online is a free Android app developed by StorySoftStudio, available in English under the Lifestyle category.

Apple TV APK for Android

Apple TV is a free lifestyle app that offers over 1,000 movies and TV shows in 4K resolution, providing a home cinema experience. The app converts signals from TV or mobile devices into formats for viewing on other screens, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. It also allows users to connect their mobile device to a big screen, allowing them to watch movies on the big screen 24/7. The app offers multiple language options, including Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic, and allows users to share their favorite shows with friends. However, it requires a strong internet connection for optimal performance. Overall, Apple TV offers a unique and immersive entertainment experience.

Sports TV BD : T Sports & GTV APK

Sports TV BD: T Sports & GTV is a free sports app that offers live matches, game highlights, schedules, and scores for cricket and football. It also includes G-TV Live, a popular entertainment channel in Bangladesh. The app provides a convenient and easy-to-use platform for sports and entertainment needs. T Sports Live offers live cricket and football broadcasts, schedules, match highlights, and news updates. G-TV Live offers a vast array of content, including drama, lifestyle, and agriculture-related shows. The app has a straightforward interface but has laggy performance and outdated UI design. Despite these drawbacks, Sports TV BD remains a valuable option for sports lovers looking for a one-stop app for sports and entertainment content.

Smartcric for Android

Smartcric is a free live cricket streaming suite that allows users to watch matches in real time on various devices, including computers, mobiles, and tablets. It offers a simple, minimalist user interface with a short list of live cricket matches, including globally known leagues like T20 World Cup, Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super Leagues, Bangladesh Premier League, and Asia Cup. Users can choose video quality from low, medium, or high, with the HQ option requiring ultra-fast internet. Despite some glitches, Smartcric is a safe and legal platform, but it is vulnerable to poor connection and black screen issues. Despite these issues, Smartcric is a convenient sports streaming companion that offers access to various cricket leagues and tournaments and video quality options.

Star Sport Live Sports Guide APK for Android

Star Sport Live Sports Guide is a free app created by GSM_Erik that provides information on programming schedules for various sports events, including cricket and football. The app offers TV listings of live broadcasts of upcoming tournaments and leagues worldwide. It is easy to use and provides a comprehensive TV guide for Star Sports programs in your area. The app features a search bar for matches, a straightforward interface, and a powerful search feature. However, it lacks a scoreboard and overwhelming ads. Despite these limitations, Star Sport Live Sports Guide is a reliable companion for cricket and other sports fans during major leagues and tournaments.

Football Rocker Pro

Football Rocker Pro is a free sports app that provides real-time scores and reports on football matches, including major events like the World Cup and UEFA Champion League. It offers a library of videos and graphical representations of schedules, fixtures, and team rankings. The app offers detailed analytics for each match, quick access to videos, and graphical representations of schedules, fixtures, and team rankings. It also provides stories associated with football clubs, such as potential athlete transfers, injuries, and suspensions. The app has a sleek interface and allows users to opt-in for alerts, which can be personalized by tagging preferred leagues, clubs, and players as favorites. However, it does not provide live streaming of matches and may sometimes lead to blank pages.

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